CAM Certificate Manager

Use CAM Certificate Manager when you need to be able to use encrypted credentials on multiple CAM Administration Service machines. You can use this utility to generate a certificate that contains a persistent, private key, and then export the certificate for loading on other CAM Administration Service machines. This is useful when you have multiple CAM Administration Service machines for redundancy, so that you do not lose saved credentials if one machine fails.

To launch CAM Certificate Manager, start the following:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Cherwell Asset Management\Administration Service\CAMCertMgr.exe

For 32-bit systems, the default root folder is C:\Program Files.


  • In order to use CAM Certificate Manager, you must be logged in to the machine running the CAM Administration Service as a Windows administrative user. Tip: In most cases, the CAM Administration Service and CAM Administrator run on the same machine, but this is not required. To determine which machine is running the CAM Administration Service, check the Status page in CAM Administrator.
  • If you are using  Cherwell Service Management (CSM) authentication, you are prompted to enter credentials when you upload a certificate. The credentials you enter must be for a CAM user that has CAM administrative rights in CSM.