Purchasing User Policies

 This topic applies to: CAM authentication

Purchasing is an optional web-based component that allows you to track purchasing and licensing information for software and hardware assets in your network. If your site is licensed to use it, administrators can use Purchasing user policies to set up access profiles; this makes orders accessible to certain users or groups, and you can apply different access profiles to different orders to control who can view and edit them.

This feature is to be set up by Purchasing administrators only.

To set up Purchasing user policies:

  1. From within CAM Administrator, select Tools, then select User Policies and Authentication.
  2. Select Purchasing ...
  3. In thePurchasing User Policies dialog box, check Enable Purchasing user policies.
    By default, Administrator user policies are disabled. The first user who selects Enable Administrator user policies is configured as the CAM system administrator, with administrator privileges.
  4. Once this feature is enabled, select View Purchasing on the toolbar to open Purchasing, and then select the Administration tab to create access profiles that control who has access to purchasing records.
Control over who can use Purchasing is managed from within Cherwell Service Management. If you use CSM authentication, you still use access profiles in Purchasing.