Deleting Users

There may be situations where you want to delete users from the Users panel.


  • A user leaves the organization but the network administrator hasn't yet deleted the user account from Active Directory or the domain.
  • You ran the discovery process but are really only interested in collecting data from certain users (say, those who work in a particular department).

When you delete a user:

  • The user name appears in the Deleted users list in the left pane; it no longer appears in the Full list or in any other folder.
  • The user no longer appears in any user-defined groups, discovered groups, and profiles it belonged to before the deletion.
  • The user is not added back to any user lists when you next run discovery.
  • You can restore deleted users that still appear in the Deleted users list.
When Administrator user policies are enabled, you cannot delete users who have user policies applied to them.