CAM External Connector Dialog Box

Configure a data source to import Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) data, and then start the import process. To open the External Connector dialog box, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Cherwell Asset Management\Connector, and then double-click CAMExternalConnector.exe.

The following options are available on the CAM External Connector dialog box:

Option Description
Data Source Lists data sources that have already been configured.
Import Select a configured data source, and then select Import to add inventory information from the data source.

You can select Import again whenever you want to import data using the same information. Each time you run the import process, any updated inventory information will be imported for the selected machines where the data source is available.

You can also set up the import process to run on a scheduled basis.

New Select to add a new data source. Specify how you want to connect, the database to use as your data source, which machines to import, and the CAM-to-SCCM field mapping rule set. For more information, see New/Edit SCCM Data Source Dialog Box.
Edit Select an existing data source, and then select Edit to modify it.
Delete Select an existing data source, and then select Delete.
Auto Delete Select this check box to automatically move machines that have been deleted in SCCM to the deleted folder in CAM the next time the import process is run. This setting applies to all configured data sources.
Change CAM Database Connection For on-premises installations only: To use a different CAM Database, select this link, and then enter information for SQL Server, CAM Database, and credentials.