New/Edit SCCM Data Source Dialog Box

Create or edit an SCCM data source from which to import data.

This dialog box opens when you select New or Edit in the CAM External Connector dialog box. For more information about how to open the CAM External Connector, see CAM External Connector Dialog Box.

The options in this dialog box are as follows:

  • Name: Type a name for this data source. This name will appear in the list of data sources in the CAM External Connector dialog box.
  • Description: Type a description for this data source, which also appears in the CAM External Connector's list of data sources.
  • SQL server: Choose a SQL server from the drop-down list box or type a server name.
  • Connect using: Select the authentication method (Windows or SQL Server), and then enter the appropriate login name and password.

    This is usually the information that you specified when the database was created during the Setup process. SCCM database access typically uses Windows authentication; however, for the import process, either SQL or Windows authentication may be used if the SCCM database supports mixed mode authentication.

  • Database name: Select the name of the SCCM Database to use. If the authentication data (above) is not valid, no databases will appear in the database name list.
    • To import machine collections with a batch size greater than one, you must have privileges within SCCM that allow creation of temporary tables. By default, the batch size is 25.
    • For larger sites, consider backing up the SCCM database and using the backup as the source of the import process. It is recommended that the backup be restored to the same SQL server as that hosting the CAM Database to minimize network impact.

To configure the data source:

  1. Specify which machines to import by selecting Select which machines to import > Collections.
  2. Configure SCCM-to-CAM mapping by selecting Select CAM-to-SCCM field mapping rule set > Mapping.
  3. Select OK.

Data sources you create are available in the CAM External Connector dialog box, where you can run them at any time by selecting Import. Each time you run the import process, any selected machines for which updated SCCM inventory information is available are imported.

This dialog box is called New SCCM Data Source if you are defining a new data source, and Edit SCCM Data Source if you selected an existing data source in the CAM External Connector dialog box.