Import SCCM Data Dialog Box

You can view the status of the import process.

After you select Import in the CAM External Connector dialog box, the progress of the import process is shown here. Data on any selected machines for which updated SCCM data is available in your configured data source is imported.

The total number shown for a collection in this dialog box may not match the total number shown in the Choose SCCM Collections to Import dialog box. This is because the Choose SCCM Collections to Import dialog box may include duplicate machine name/domain combinations. The progress dialog box uses the following rules when displaying the number of machines it will import:
  • Only machines with inventories more recent than the last import are counted.
  • Only distinct machine name/domain pairs are counted (the same machine may be in multiple groups).
  • The CAM External Connector will only import as many machines as you have licensed for inventory.  If you have 100 licenses of inventory and 50 machines are already inventoried, no more than 50 additional machines are imported, even if the selected collection contains more than 50. The original 50 machines will have their inventory updated if a newer inventory is available.
  • You can move this dialog box so that you can view the current settings shown in the main dialog box before you proceed.
  • Once you've successfully imported data, you can use the Task Scheduler to schedule the importing process in the future; see Schedule the Import Process.