Access Point Port

The Access Point Port is the port number through which the CAM Agent machines communicate with the CAM Access Point.

This must be a free port that is open for inbound traffic through the firewall on the machine where you install the CAM Access Point. The default is 443. For more information about when different ports are used, see CAM Access Points and Pre-14.1 Hosted Installations.

To find out which ports are in use, run the following command as an administrator from the Windows command prompt: Netstat -A. The following is an example of a portion of the information returned by this command:

                            Active Connections

Proto  Local Address         Foreign Address             State

TCP            MachineName:0               LISTENING
TCP           MachineName:0               LISTENING
TCP           MachineName:0               LISTENING
TCP          MachineName:0               LISTENING
TCP      msnbot-65-52-108-221:https  ESTABLISHED
TCP      sippooldm10a23:https        ESTABLISHED


The values after the colons in the Local Address column (in this example, 80, 135, 443, 5001, 55096, and 55115) are the in-use ports. Specify an unused port for the CAM Access Point Proxy port (the default is 443).