Installing or Upgrading CAM in a Hosted Environment

Downloading CAM

To download the latest CAM image:

  1. Log in to the Cherwell Support Portal.
  2. Select Downloads.
  3. Select Download Cherwell Asset Management.

Installing On-premises Components in a Hosted Environment

The Hosted Setup application installs two CAM components on-premises in a hosted environment:

  • Administration: CAM Administrator and the CAM Administration Service. Together, these provide functionality to manage your CAM system. This component is typically installed on one or more machines.
  • CAM Access Point: This component facilitates communication between each CAM Agent and the cloud. It is typically installed on a server-class machine on which the access point is running.

Additionally, once the above are installed, the CAM Agent is installed to each managed workstation or server, either from within CAM Administrator or by other third-party installation applications.

Upgrading On-premises Components in a Hosted Environment

Upgrading a hosted environment requires coordination with Cherwell. Cherwell Technical Support will typically be your contact to help arrange the upgrade such that hosted and on-premises components can be updated properly.

To upgrade, run the Hosted Setup application. Refer to CAM Access Points and Pre-14.1 Hosted Installations for specific instructions.

When upgrading either component, you may be prompted to reboot your machine. If you want to avoid a possible reboot, you can stop the CAM Administration Service, CAM Work Queue Manager, and CAM Access Point services (whichever are installed) prior to upgrading.