License Channel Exceptions

These exceptions occur when inventory (or virtual environment discovery) data does not include channel information for the LA titles where channel information is usually collected. (Note that channel information is usually not available for Windows Server or SQL Server installations.) Those machine/title combinations are not included in the analysis. To correct this, do the following:

  1. Make sure version 11.0 or later of the CAM Agent is installed on any listed machines.
  2. Make sure the software on those machines is activated.
  3. After updating the CAM Agent and/or activating the software, re-run the inventory process in CAM Administrator.

In addition, Purchasing includes options you can use to provide default channel information; select its Preferences tab and then select Contract Options in the left pane to view these options.

Once this is completed, return to License Analytics and select the icon next to Summary to recalculate data.