Edit Assignments Dialog Box (for Computers)

Use this dialog box to add or edit assignments for a computer line item, and to reconcile it to an inventoried machine. The basic procedure for each task is as follows:

  • To assign the current purchase to a user, select User in the Assign to list, and then specify the name of the user. You can either type the name of the user or search for it.
  • To edit the current machine's group assignment, type a machine group name in the Group box or search for one.
  • To reconcile the purchase to a machine that was found during CAM Administrator's inventory process, make sure the value in the Quantity box is set to 1, and then select the icon next to the Reconcile to box to find the machine. If you enter a serial number for the line item, it will be reconciled to an inventoried machine if a corresponding serial number is identified. Mark the check box if you don't want reminders about reconciling this machine to appear in the Status panel.

Click Save when you are finished, or select Cancel to return to the previous panel to start over. Click Close when you're done making assignments.


  • If the line item includes more than one computer, you can assign them to a group one at a time. For each computer, enter 1 in the Quantity field, and then enter the serial number or assignment. When you have finished with the first computer, you can select Add Assignment or Add Multiple Assignments to add additional computers.
  • If you don't plan on tracking individual serial numbers and reconciling them to machines through the Cherwell Asset Management inventory process, you can assign multiple computers by entering the total line item quantity, and then choosing your assignment. 
  • There may be situations where the line item includes multiple items and you want to assign each of them by serial number to the same user or group. In these cases, enter the total quantity in the Quantity box, assign the items, select Save, and then select the Expand link associated with the assignment. Doing so expands the single assignment to multiple rows and replicates the assignment information.