Edit Assignments Dialog Box (for Non-computers)

Use this dialog box to add or edit assignments for the following types of line item, and to reconcile them:

  • Non-computer hardware line items: You can assign to user or machines, and to asset groups.
  • Software line items: Your assignment choices depend on the license type of the line item.

To assign non-computer hardware line items:

  • To assign the current item to a machine, select Machine in the Assign to list, and then specify the machine name. You can either type the name of the machine or search for it.
  • To assign the current item to a user, select User in the Assign to list, and then specify the user name. You can either type in the name of the user or search for it.
  • To edit the current item's group assignment, type a group name in the Group box or select the magnifying glass button to search for one.

Select Save when you are finished, or select Cancel to return to the previous panel to start over. Select Close when you're done making assignments.

To assign software line items:

  • Follow the same process as described above, noting that your options vary depending on the license type.
  • If you're assigning a Microsoft SQL Server line item, you'll see an additional option: This is a passive SQL Server. Passive SQL Server machines, including virtual machine hosts and guests, are not included in License Analytics calculations.


  • If the line item includes more than one item, you can assign them to a group one at a time. For each item, enter 1 in the Quantity field, and then enter the serial number, or assignment. When you have finished with the first line item, you can select Add Assignment or Add Multiple Assignments to add additional line items.
  • There may be situations where the line item includes multiple items and you want to assign each of them by serial number to the same user or group. In these cases, enter the total quantity in the Quantity box, assign the items, select Save, and then select the Expand link associated with the assignment. Doing so expands the single assignment to multiple rows and replicates the assignment information.