How to Add a Link to a Purchasing Document

We recommend uploading documents instead of linking to them. If you have existing linked documents you want to convert to uploaded documents, see Uploading Existing Linked Documents on the Document panel's Information page.

See How to Upload a Document.

To link a document so that you can later associate it with an order or contract:

  1. From the CAM Purchasing console, select Contracts.
  2. In the Documents panel, select All Documents in the left pane, and then select Add Linked Document in the toolbar.

    The right pane shows a Document Details screen, and any existing linked documents are shown at the bottom.

  3. Required: Enter a description for the document.
  4. Browse to the document.
  5. Click Save.

    The document is listed when you select the All Documents category on the left.

Once you've linked a document, you can:

  • Edit its description by selecting Edit.
  • Associate the document with an order or contract by selecting Reference.
  • If the document is not referenced by an order or contract, you can delete it by selecting Delete.
    If an order or contract references a document, you must first delete those references, then delete the document.