How to Assign Hardware Maintenance to Multiple Existing Hardware Items

If you have a large number of hardware items that have been inventoried but have no purchasing data, you can export the list of computers, attach purchasing data, and then import the data into Purchasing. For example, suppose you acquired a company with 100 computers. You deployed the CAM Agent to all these machines and those machines now exist in your CAM Database. The company kept no records of their hardware purchases before this time, but you want to be able to associate maintenance with these devices. The following procedure allows you to attach purchasing records to these computers:

  1. From the CAM Reporting console, run the Unreconciled Machine Export report.
  2. Export the results to a spreadsheet.
  3. In the spreadsheet, enter purchasing information for these computers. See Prepare Your Spreadsheet for information on required fields.

    In the example case, all 100 computers could have the same order number, thus creating a single purchase order with 100 line items (one for each computer).

  4. In the Status panel, select Import Purchase Data.