Purchasing User Policies

 This topic applies to: CAM authentication

Purchasing user policies lets you set up access profiles to make orders and contracts accessible to certain users or groups, and you can apply different access profiles to different orders or contracts to control who can view and edit them. To use this feature, you need to enable it in the Purchasing User Policies dialog box in CAM Administrator (it is disabled by default). Be aware that the first user who enables Purchasing user policies becomes the Purchasing administrator, with Purchasing administrator privileges.

If your site uses CSM authentication, you don't use CAM Administrator's user policies feature. Instead, you set up CSM security groups, teams, and users, and the CSM teams you create show up in the Administration panel as access profiles.

Upgrading Customers

If you upgraded your CAM database and Purchasing from an earlier version in which you used Administrator user policies to grant access to Purchasing, Purchasing user policies are already enabled for you. All users who had permission to use Purchasing in the earlier version are assigned to the Purchasing Administrator access profile by default. When you view or edit existing orders, you'll see that the Access Profile field is set to Purchasing Administrator. Only full and Purchasing administrators can access these orders. If you prefer to re-assign permissions, you can change the access profile for multiple orders or contracts at once in the Administration panel.