Access Profiles

An access profile is a tool you can use to control who has access to orders and contracts.

CAM Authentication only: When Purchasing user profiles are enabled in CAM Administrator, you can use access profiles in Purchasing, provided you are logged in as a full administrator or Purchasing administrator.

CSM Authentication only: If your site uses CSM authentication, you don't use CAM Administrator's user policies feature. Instead, you set up CSM security groups, teams, and users for use with Cherwell Asset Management, and the CSM teams you create show up in the Administration panel as access profiles.

You can use access profiles to make orders and contracts accessible to certain users or groups, and you can apply different access profiles to different orders and contracts to control who can view and edit them.

for example, you may want to specify that specific users in one department have access only to orders placed for that department, while allowing a specific user or group access to all orders companywide.

"All users" Access Profile

The "All users" access profile is a system-defined access profile that includes all users. It is applied to all orders and contracts not otherwise associated with an access profile. Do not add users to the "All users" access profile.  


  • You cannot delete the All users access profiles, nor can you change their names or descriptions.
  • CAM Authentication only: Access profile membership persists for the length of the user's Purchasing session. This means that if you, the administrator, add or delete authorized users from an access profile while affected users are logged into Purchasing, those changes won't take effect until the next time the users log in.  
  • We recommend testing that access profile membership is set up as you intend before you actually allow authorized users to log in. To do this, log in as a sample user using the appropriate credentials. If you want to test access profile membership for different users simultaneously, be sure to use a different browser for each user. For example, use Internet Explorer to log in as UserA and Chrome to log in as UserB.