Migrating Access Profiles

 This topic applies to: CSM authentication

There are two situations in which you must migrate any existing access profiles so you can apply them to orders and contracts:

  1. You change from CAMauthentication to CSM authentication or vice versa. Even if you didn't use user policies to control access to Purchasing, access profiles are always enabled with CSM authentication, so you must select an access profile to apply to each order and contract as you add them.

    Once you migrate existing CAM access profiles to CSM access profiles (CSM user teams), any orders and contracts that reference the CAM access profile are updated to reference the CSM user team you selected during the migration process.

  2. A CSM user team that is applied to orders or contracts is deleted. You need to specify which CSM user team to apply to those orders and contracts.

A Migrate Access Profiles task appears on the Status panel, and there is an additional Migrate Access Profiles section in the Administration panel.