Overview: Reconciliation

When creating an order and associated line items, you can also reconcile software line items to software license units, computer line items to inventoried computers, and other hardware line items to other assets. You can also reconcile line items at any time after you've added them, using the Reconcile panel.

Software Reconciliation

When entering a software line item, you can reconcile that software item to a license unit that was automatically created by the software inventory process. For example, as you enter a purchase for five copies of VMWARE 9.5, you can reconcile these licenses to the license unit called "VMWARE Workstation".

Computer Reconciliation

Computer reconciliation is accomplished by matching the serial number you entered for the computer when entering it as a line item in an order to the serial number of the computer discovered during a hardware inventory. For example, say you order a new computer. When you receive the computer, you enter the serial number in the purchasing record's assignment. When the computer is deployed to a user, Cherwell Asset Management finds it during the inventory process. You can then reconcile the computer to the purchase order based on the serial number.

Other Hardware Reconciliation

When creating a purchasing record for hardware assets other than computers (such as routers, switches, and so on), you reconcile them in the assignment. You can reconcile them by serial number to devices entered in CAM Administrator's Other Assets panel.