Get an Access Token from the CAM REST API Discovery Tool

Use the REST API Discovery tool to obtain an access token.

To get an access token from the REST API Discovery Tool:

  1. Navigate to https://{CAMservername}/cam/docs/index.html.
  2. Scroll to the Oauth2 section, and then select /api/oauth2/token.
  3. Select Try it Out.
  4. Change the model data in the Edit Value box to:
    Option Description
    grant_type "password"
    client_id The API key generated in CAM Administrator. See Create an API Key.
    username Name of an authorized CAM user.
    password Password for the specified user name.
    scope "cam"
    An access token and a refresh token are returned in the 200 response section.
  5. Select Execute.
  6. Copy the access token, and then follow the steps in Use Tokens to Authorize Access to the CAM REST API Discovery Tool.
Access tokens have a lifetime based on settings in the API key used. When an access key expires, you must generate a new access token. See Get an Access Token.