Setup Choices

Learn about the two options for installing Cherwell Asset Management. In most cases, you'll perform a normal installation. In some cases, however, you may need to install the CAM database component on a machine that is remote from the SQL Server machine.

Normal Install

Use this option to install all or selected Cherwell Asset Management components. If you plan to install back-end components on multiple machines, run Setup on each machine and choose Normal Install each time. As each installation proceeds, select only the components you want to install on that machine.

Remote Database Install

Select this option only when you want to create and initialize the CAM database on a machine other than the SQL Server machine. At least one of the following should be true:

  • You cannot run a Normal install on that machine.
  • You cannot install the Microsoft .NET Framework on that machine.
The Cherwell Asset Management application is not installed when you select this option and a CAM database is not created. This option only creates a Database Tools folder in the program folder. You must then use the instructions, utilities, and files found within that Database Tools folder to perform the actual remote database install on an SQL Server. See Remote CAM Database Installation.