CAM Web Components

Use this dialog box to specify how to configure the web components (the website to be used for Reporting, Purchasing, License Analytics, and the CAM Access Point). In most cases, you should accept the defaults.
If you are performing a hosted installation, see CAM Access Points and Pre-14.1 Hosted Installations.
  • Website: Specifies the IIS website on which web-based components will be installed.
    • Leave this option at Default Website to let Cherwell Asset Management determine where the IIS website is located.
    • Hosted installations only: Click Change and select the Access Point website. For instructions, see CAM Access Points and Pre-14.1 Hosted Installations
  • Port: Accept the default port, or select Change and select a port from a list. If you need help configuring a component to use a different port than when originally installed, please contact technical support.
  • Use SSL: This option specifies that the web components should use HTTPS (SSL) and is cleared by default. If you want to use SSL, first make sure your website is configured to use SSL; refer to IIS documentation for information on setting up SSL and specifying a certificate.
  • Install CAM web components to: Accept the default location, or select Browse and specify a different destination.

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