Install the CAM REST API

Use the standalone API Setup package to install the CAM REST API on the CAM server or a web server of your choice. The server must have access to the CAM database and Internet Information Services (IIS) must be configured before installation.

The CAM REST API requires the following components:
  • .NET Core 3.1.7 run-time
  • .NET Core 3.1.7 hosting provider

If these components are not detected, you are prompted to install them. For your convenience, the files are provided with the CAM installation package:

CAM\CamApiSetup\3rd Party\dotnet-hosting-3.1.7-win.exe

The .NET Core installation process typically requires an IIS restart or reset, even if you are not prompted to do so.

To install the CAM REST API:

  1. On the machine where you downloaded the CAM installation package, navigate to CamApiSetup.
  2. Right-click on CamApiSetup.exe, and then select Run as Administrator.
    The Cherwell Asset Management API Setup Wizard opens.
  3. Select Next.
  4. Accept the license agreement terms, and then select Next.
  5. Select a destintation folder or select Next to use the default destination folder (..\Cherwell Asset Management\CamRestApi\).
  6. Provide CAM database connection information:
    Option Description
    Database Name The name of the CAM database. The default name is CAMDB.
    SQL Server Instance The server name and optional instance name that hosts the CAM database.
    User Name The login name for the CAM database.
    Password The password for the CAM database user.
  7. Select Test. If the database settings are configured correctly, select Next.
  8. Provide CAM web components information:
    Option Description
    Web site The name of the IIS site on which to install the CAM REST API. The Default Web Site is the default.
    Host name The fully qualified domain name of the server on which IIS is installed.
    Use default port By default, port 80 is used for HTTP connections and port 443 is used for HTTPS/SSL connections. To use a different port, clear the Use default port check box, and then provide the port number. Typically, you only need to change the port number if you are using an IIS site other than the Default Web Site.
    Use SSL Select this check box if the Default Web Site is configured to use HTTPS/SSL. SSL is recommended for all production environments.
  9. Select Test. If the web settings are configured correctly, select Next.
  10. Select Finish.
Use a web browser to open the CAM REST API Discovery tool using this URL with SSL enabled:
https://{host name}/cam/docs/index.html

Or with SSL disabled:

http://{host name}/cam/docs/index.html