Creating the Database: with SQL Server Administrator Credentials

If you don't have SQL Server administrator credentials for the machine on which the CAM database is to be installed, see Creating the Database: without SQL Server Administrator Credentials.

To create the CAM database when you have SQL Server administrator credentials:

  1. Identify the machine on which to install the CAM database. This machine must have a supported version of Microsoft SQL Server installed. See Product Requirements.
  2. From the machine where you installed the tools, bring up a DOS prompt from the folder where you installed the tools (typically, C:\Program Files (x86)\Cherwell Asset Management\Database Tools.
  3. Run dbinstall.exe with the following parameters:
    /d <cam-database-name>	/U <cam-database-user>	/P <cam-database-user-pwd>	/S <database-server-name[\instance]>	/A <SQL-server-admin-user>	/B <SQL-server-admin-pwd>

    The following example creates the CAM database (as CAMDB), creates the user that Cherwell Asset Management components use to connect to the database (CAMUser, mypassword), and initializes the CAM database on the sql2014 instance of the SQL server named myserver.

    dbinstall.exe /d CAMDB /U CAMUser /P mypassword /S myserver\sql2014 /A sa /B sapwd

    If your Windows domain account has SQL Server administrator privileges, you can use the /N option in place of the /A and /B SQL credentials options.