Filter a Grid in the CSM Browser Client

Filter grids in the CSM Browser Client by a column value so that the grid shows only the desired data (example: Only new Incidents).

Good to know:

  • If a column has a filter applied to it, the Filter icon displays a highlighted square around it.
  • Grid filters do not persist from session to session in the Browser Client.

To filter a grid in the Browser Client or CSM Portal:

  1. In a grid, select the Filter icon in the header of the column to filter.
  2. Select the Filter box to open the menu.
    The menu shows filtering options. Options vary according to the type of data in the column (example: Number, text, etc.).
  3. Select a filtering option.
  4. Select Filter.
  5. To continue filtering by another column, select the Filter icon over another column, and select another filtering option.
    The grid filters the data again and displays the filtered results.
    To clear the filtering criteria, select the Filter icon on the filtered column, and then select Clear in the Filter menu.