About Grids

You can print, export, and run an Action from most CSM grids. Also, you can personalize your instance of most grids so they display only the data you want in a meaningful way.

CSM grids allow you to sort, filter, group, size, move, and add or remove columns.

Some personal changes persist so that your changes display the same way the next time you view the grid in the same location.

Good to Know

Consider the following points when working with Grids:

  • On small screens, grids in the CSM Browser Client display records in a collapsed format to fit the screen.
  • Business Object grids (record grids) also support running Actions.
  • Very large text fields do not support sorting.
  • CSM Item Manager grids support sorting and sizing only.
  • Nested grids have limited functionality.
  • Grids in CSM (except Form Arrangements) display a maximum of 20,000 rows even though there may be many more rows of data available.
  • If there are more than 20,000 rows of data available for a grid, the total number of records is indicated.
  • Search Results grids allow you to select multiple records at one time and export the contents or run a One-Step™ Action on those selected records. On all other types of grids, exporting or printing a grid will export or print all rows of data.
  • Use the Preview button to preview what a printed grid will look like.
  • Business Object grids use colors and icons to indicate priority and status. The colors and icons vary based on the Business Object. You can use these settings or define your own Business Object grid options.
  • When using grids on a mobile device, use the list view for a better experience.

Business Object Grids

A Business Object grid displays Business Object data. These grids' properties are stored in a grid definition. The definition and security rights combine to control options to move and group grids and to add or remove grid columns. Business Object grids support running Actions. Security rights control access to CSM functionality and are configured in the Security Group Manager in CSM Administrator by selecting Security > Edit Security Groups.

Create/Edit Grids

If a field is intentionally excluded from grids, it does not appear in the Field tree and cannot be added to the grid. You can define advanced properties for a Field (example: excluding fields from forms and grids). Use this feature when applying a mApp® Solution that includes to new Form; swap in the new Form without losing the old Form.

Enable Standard Grids on Small Screens

On small screens, grids in the CSM Browser Client display records in a collapsed format by default. The vertical dots button on a small screen opens a menu that includes the Standard Grid button. Select the Standard Grid button to view the records as a standard grid.

Selecting Standard Grid display on a small screen in CSM Browser Client makes all grids display as standard grids.