Define Business Object Grid Options

To define Business Object Grid options:

  1. Row colors and options:
    1. Select Properties.
    2. Define Row image/color Expressions for rows:
      1. Expression check box: Enables using an Expression.
      2. Define the Expression:
      • Stored Expression: Select the ellipsis button to open the Expression Manager, and then select an existing stored Expression or create a new stored Expression. Stored Expressions can be reused in numerous places in CSM.
      • Custom Expression: Select Custom Expression to open the Custom Expression Builder, and then create a custom Expression specifically for this scenario.
  2. Select a column (field) and define grid options:
(Optional) Custom Column Title Title to show in the UI. By default, the column is the same name as the field it represents. You might want the column name to be to different than the field name (example: More user-friendly)
Width Select on what to base the column width, either based on the Field length (so that it does not get truncated) or an absolute specified value.
Based on Field Automatically sizes the column width to the actual length of the Field.
Value Defines an actual character width, and then specify the value.
This Column Takes up All Remaining Space on the Grid Automatically sizes the column to take up all remaining space on the grid.
Default to Sorting by this Column Sets the backup default sorting.

This setting applies only if all other sorting options are invalid. CSM requires a user to select a sorting option when creating a search query. If the field the user selects to sort by is deleted, CSM sorts by the last item modified. If CSM is configured so that modification times are not recorded and the field that the user selects to sort by is deleted, then this option is followed.

General Incident Grid Settings Despite these settings, users also need security rights to customize grids.
Allow Column Reorder Allows the user to move columns around in a grid.
Allow Users to Add and Remove Available Fields from Grid Allows users with rights to add and remove available fields to the grid.
Allow Users to Add Fields to the Grid from Appropriate Relationships Allows users with rights to add and remove available related fields to the grid. Related Fields can be added if the Relationship is a 1-1, non-external relationship that does not have the "Exclude Relationship from Grid customization" check box selected on the Advanced page of the Relationship properties.
Show Grouping  
  • Yes: Displays the Group By box.
  • No: Hides the Group By box.
  • Based on System Default (Yes or No): Ability to show Group By box is based on the default Grid display settings (defined in Blueprint>Tools>Options).
Remember Current Grouping Between Uses Allows grouping persistence.