Configure User Display Settings

You can configure display settings specific to the logged-in user. These user display settings override some global display settings.

To configure user display settings in the CSM Desktop Client select Tools > Options > Display.

Application Skin

To control the appearance of the Desktop Client and CSM Administrator, select an application Skin. Options are Cherwell Light (default), Cherwell Blue, or Cherwell Dark.

Window Titles

To configure window title settings, select the Display connection information check box, then select an option from the drop-down list. The available window title types are:

  • Connection name: Displays as <connection name> connection.
  • Database name: Displays as <database name> database.
  • Environment name: Displays as <environment name> environment (Production, Development, or Test).
  • Connection and database name: Displays as <connection name> connection, <database name> database.
  • Connection and environment name: Displays as <connection name>, <environment> name.
  • Database and environment name: Displays as <database name> database, <connection name> connection name.
  • Connection, database, and environment: Displays as <connection name> connection, <database name> database, <environment name> environment.

    If no environment value is selected, the content displays as Unknown environment.

To see the setting changes, you must log out and log in again or switch culture.
This setting applies to all CSM databases (example: CSM Administrator) on your current computer.
This setting overrides the global setting for window title settings.


By default, forms display with high-contrast colors.

To assists users with accessibility needs, select the Override Business Object form themes with Windows colors (for high-contrast users) check box.

Windows colors are used instead of the form's defined theme.