Configure User General Settings

Use the General page in the Options window User options, such as restoring Grids and Prompts to their default settings, defining the number of MRU (Most Recently Used) Items, and setting logging options.

To configure User General settings:

  1. From CSM Desktop Client the menu bar, select Tools>Options.
  2. Select the General page.
  3. Select the following options as they apply.
    Option Description
    Restore All Dismissed Message Prompts Select this check box to restore any previously dismissed message prompts so that they appear again.
    Restore All Customized Grids to Admin Defaults Select this check box to restore all customized Grids back to their default definitions.
    If Only One Record is Found in a Search, Automatically Go To That Record Select this check box to be directed straight to the only search result, instead of first viewing the single item in a Grid List.
    MRU (Most Recently Used) Items Use the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the number of CSM Items that display in the item's MRU list (in the CSM Desktop Client menu bar). Ten items display by default.
    Use IME Compatible Multi-line Text Controls Select this check box to allow Input Method Editor (IME) capabilities so that Users can enter characters and symbols (example: Chinese, Japanese, or Korean language symbols) not found on the input device (example: Keyboard).
    Definition Catalog Select an option for storing primary system definitions in a local catalog file.
    • Use System Setting: Select this option to adhere to the Administrator definitions of catalog usage.
    • Use a Local Definition Catalog: Select this option to ensure the usage of a catalog, regardless of Administrator definitions.
    • Don't Use a Local Definition Catalog: Select this option to ensure a catalog is not used, regardless of Administrator definitions.

    This option is only available if your administrator has enabled it.

    Configure Logging Select the Configure button to open the Logging options window. See Logging Options.
  4. Select OK.