Configure User Settings

Global and user settings are initially configured in CSM Administrator. Personal settings/defaults can be configured in CSM Desktop Client and control how CSM looks and behaves for each user. Use the CSM Options window (Tools > Options) to configure user settings.

  • User General settings: Restore, searching, MRU (Most Recently Used), IME (Input Method Editor), catalog, and logging settings.
  • User Display settings: Application skin, window titles, and accessability options.
  • User Task Pane and Search settings: Which default items appear in the Task pane and which search control is used on the CSM menu bar.
  • User Dashboard and Calendar settings: Personal default dashboard and dashboard theme, Heads-Up Display (HUD), calendar, and mobile dashboard. You can also configure personal web proxies for web requests.
  • User Information settings: Personal login credentials, authentication, user profile information.
  • User Email settings: Personal email accounts.
  • Manage Delegates: Delegates to take over your work when you are unavailable. See Delegate Work.