Delegate Work

Learn how to hand off some or all of your work to a delegate when you are unavailable, for example, when you are going on vacation or sick leave.

To delegate work:

  1. Open the Manage Delegates page:
    1. In the CSM Browser Client, select My Profile from the Account Information toolbar, followed by Manage Delegates.
    2. In the CSM Desktop Client, select Tools from the menu bar, followed by Options, then select the Manage Delegates tab.

    The Manage Delegates page opens showing the status of existing delegations assigned to you (My work), and those you have assigned to colleagues on the other tab (Work delegated to others).

    Work delegated to others tab in Manage Delegates window

  2. Your own name is already selected in the On behalf of user drop-down list. Select the Business Object you wish to add delegation for from the drop-down list.

    The list of available Business Objects is based on Track Owner being selected, and then filtered according to the security rights of the selected On behalf of user. See Configure Delegation.

  3. Select a Delegate from the drop-down list.

    If you see a message stating Users are in different Security Groups. Their rights for the selected Business Object may differ, potentially limiting their ability to action any delegated work you can prevent this happening by setting up Different rights based on ownership. See Configure Delegation.

  4. Select the Start Date and Time for the delegation period.
  5. Select the End Date and Time for the delegation period.
    The End Date and Time chosen must be at least one hour after the Start Date and Time.
  6. Select Add.
    A new record appears in the tabbed table for Work delegated to others.

    Hover over any of the column headings in the table and select the filter icon to filter delegates by value, date or text (example: Use a text filter of Contains, and Change to filter out only the records containing delegations for Change Requests). You can also sort your delegate records in the table by selecting the up/down arrow next to any of the column headings.

  7. Select Hide expired records on the Work delegated to others tab to hide all completed and canceled delegations on this tab.
  8. Select a row and double-click on it, or select View records to search for all the records for that particular Business Object that are assigned to that user.

    If you select View records for a single Business Object delegation (example: Incident), you are taken straight to the Search Results list/grid. You see a dialog titled, for example, Incidents delegated to Andrew Smith. If you select View records for an All Business Objects delegation, before being taken to the Search Results, you are asked to choose the object you want to view the records for.