Create a User Toolbar

Create one or more personal toolbars (called a User toolbar) to initiate important Actions. For example, create a User toolbar to:

  • Run a One-Step Action.
  • Run a command (Zoom, Attach, Undo, etc.).
  • Display a Dashboard, Calendar, or Visualization.
  • Run a Report or Saved Search.

A User toolbar displays with the other CSM toolbars in the CSM Main window.

To create a User toolbar:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the CSM toolbar area, and then select Customize.

    The toolbars for User window opens.

  2. Click the Add button.

    The New Toolbar window opens, listing Actions that are applicable for a toolbar.

  3. Click the Add Action button Create New Button, and then select the type of Action to add to the toolbar (ex: Add Command Action).

    A CSM Item Manager opens (varies by type of Action selected in the previous step) to select/create the CSM Item to initiate through the Action.

  4. Select a CSM Item (ex: a specific Dashboard).
  5. Define properties for a new Action:
    1. Action: Displays the name of the Action as it is recognized by CSM (ex: Name of the Dashboard or Report). It is recommended that you do not change this.
    2. Display text: Type the text to display on the toolbar button if the "Show text on button check box" (below) is checked.
    3. Image button:

      Select the image to open the Image Manager, and then select an existing image or import a new image to represent the item in the UI.

    4. Help text: Type a tooltip to display when the cursor is on the menu item.
    5. Begin group: Select this check box to display a horizontal line before the menu item, separating it from other menu items.
    6. Show text on button: Select this check box to display the Display Text on the toolbar button.
  6. Add additional actions to the toolbar.
  7. Select OK.