Define the Default Domain and Anonymous Login Settings

By default, if using Windows or Active Directory, Users must specify the domain as part of the login credentials (example: Applications\Bob).

Specifying the domain is how CSM identifies the fact that Users are specifying Windows/LDAP credentials vs. internal Cherwell credentials. However, if all Cherwell Users are generally on the same domain, specify that as the default domain. The Cherwell Portal automatically assumes that any credentials detailed without a specific domain are Customers of the default domain.

Use the General page in the Security Settings window (in CSM Administrator) to define the following general system security settings for the CSM Browser Client and Customer Portal:

  • Default domain
  • Anonymous login settings

Configure the default domain and anonymous login settings:

  1. In the CSM Administrator main window, select Security > Edit security settings.
  2. Select General.
  3. Specify a default domain for the network:
    1. Default domain: Specify the default domain name for the network. The domain is used in any place where a domain is needed but not otherwise provided, such as automatically assigning credentials to Customers.

      Select Arrow () to have CSM auto-populate the name.

  4. Configure anonymous login settings:
    1. Allow Anonymous Login: Select this check box to allow CSM Web Applications to read basic setup information from the system without User login and to enable the Anonymous Security Group access to items specifically configured for Anonymous view.
    2. Security group when not logged in: Select the Anonymous Security Group (OOTB: Anonymous Browser) that should be used by CSM Web Applications before any User/Customer has logged in.
  5. Select OK.