Log a CSM Portal Incident

In the supplied IT CSM Portal, log an Incident from either the Service Catalog or a Configuration Item form. You can log a Service Request directly from the Service Catalog.

To log an Incident or Request from the Service Catalog:

  1. In the Service Catalog, select a title that is appropriate for your request. For example, select IT Service Desk.
  2. Select a tile that is appropriate for your request, and then select a link to submit a record. For example, select Report Outage or Error, and then select Submit Incident.
  3. Complete the Incident form.

    To submit an Incident on behalf of another person, select the Submit on behalf of another user check box.

  4. Select Submit.

    A window opens to notify you of the Incident ID number.

  5. View the new Incident or Request from the My Items section.

Remember: When you use the Submit on behalf of feature, you are the requester and the person you're submitting the Incident for is the Incident owner. The Incident owner is the only one who can edit or add attachments to the Incident. Ensure requesters understand this restriction so they can include all relevant information prior to submitting the Incident.