PPM Demand Approval

When the information for the Evaluation phase is complete, the identified Stakeholders can approve the Demand.

The approvers for Demands are determined by the Demand Area, and the approvers for each Demand are displayed in the Stakeholder tab of the form arrangement. If a Stakeholder is marked Inactive, they will not be displayed in the Stakeholder tab or the Approver tab.

Approvers receive an email with the Demand information and the email contains a link to complete the approval. Approvers can choose to approve the Demand, deny it, or abstain. Approvers can also choose to defer the Demand if it has merit but is not appropriate for Portfolio inclusion at the time. If any of the Stakeholders deny the Demand, the Demand returns to the Evaluate phase and a journal entry tracks the denied approval.

There are two approval processes and the one you use depends on the estimated total cost amount.

Regular Demand Process

  • Total cost is less than $1 million.
  • Stakeholders must be marked as approvers.

Committee Approval Process

  • Total cost is more than $1 million.
  • Stakeholders must be marked as executive approvers.