Configure SAML in CSM

SAML is configured in CSM Administrator and in the identity provider.

Follow this general process to configure SAML in CSM.

Table:  Tasks to Configure SAML in CSM
Task Notes
1. Obtain and apply a self-signed certificate on your CSM server. This task is typically performed by an organization's IT department. See SAML Signing Certificates.
2. In CSM Administrator, grant security rights to system administrators so they can configure SAML. See Configure SAML Security Rights.
3. In CSM Administrator, set SAML identity provider options, and then import the identity provider metadata file. See Configure the SAML Identity Provider.
4. In CSM Administrator, set SAML service provider options, and then export the CSM service provider metadata file. See Configure CSM as a SAML Service Provider.
5. Complete the steps to configure the SAML identity provider. See Configure Microsoft ADFS for CSM.
6. In CSM Administrator, configure automatic user account creation and updates in CSM. This option only applies when Microsoft ADFS is used and when Windows logins are used as the SAML name ID. See Configure Automatic User Imports From SAML.
7. In CSM Administrator, enable SAML as a supported login mode. See Enable SAML.