Add Account Credentials to the CloudCenter™ Web Service

Save your Cisco CloudCenter™ account credentials in the CloudCenter Web Service using the CSM Web Services Manager so that CSM can access your instance of CloudCenter.

Apply the Cisco CloudCenter™ mApp® Solution using the Apply mApp Solution wizard and publish the resulting Blueprint.

Complete the steps to Define Search Results Image Properties for CloudCenter™ Applications.

  1. Open the Blueprint you created to perform configuration actions.
  2. Click Managers > Web Services
    The Web Services Manager opens.
  3. Expand the Blueprint folder, then open the CloudCenter folder. Select theCloudCenter Web Service.
  4. Click the Edit button .
    The Web Service Options dialog opens.
  5. Click Accounts, and verify that the administrator account is selected.
  6. Click Edit.
    The Web Service Account dialog opens.
  7. Enter the user ID and password for your instance of Cisco CloudCenter™.
  8. Click OK on the Web Service Account dialog, then click OK on the Web Service Options dialog, then click Close on the Web Services Manager.
  9. Save the Blueprint, then perform additional configuration actions in the same Blueprint.