Define Search Results Image Properties for CloudCenter™ Applications

Add a cloud image to the search results image properties for Configuration Items of the virtual machine asset type so that Users can quickly distinguish virtual machine records from other Configuration Item records.

Apply the Cisco CloudCenter™ mApp® Solution using the Apply mApp Solution wizard and publish the resulting Blueprint.

Complete the steps to Add the Cisco CloudCenter™ Form Control to the Incident Subcategory Form.

  1. Open the Blueprint you created to perform configuration actions.
  2. From the Major Business Object tree, click Configuration Item > Edit Group > Bus Ob Properties.
    The Business Object properties dialog opens.
  3. Click Search Results.
  4. In the Show Result Images section, check the box for Show Result Image, then click the Custom Expression button .
    The Custom Expression dialog opens.
  5. Complete the following steps in the If condition is section:

  6. In the Value drop-down, expand Configuration Item Fields, then select Asset Type.
  7. In the Operator drop-down, select equals.
  8. In the Value drop-down, select virtual machine.
  9. Complete the following steps in the Then assign this section:

  10. In the Value drop-down, expand Image, then select Browse.
    The Image Manager opens.
  11. Navigate to Global > Integrations > CloudCenter, then select the Cloud Logo.
  12. Click OK in the Image Manager, then click OK in the Custom Expression dialog, then click OK in the Business Object Properties dialog.
    The search result image property is set for CloudCenter™ applications.