Apply the CSMe mApp Solutions

When you apply the CSMe mApp® Solutions, use these considerations for the order of application and best practices.

Good to Know

  • We recommend that you do not apply all four CSMe mApp Solutions immediately unless there is an urgent need for them. Apply each mApp Solution as needed because there may be a newer version released with additional functionality that you can take advantage of during implementation. You should never apply a mApp Solution to a database that already has an installation of the same mApp Solution, including previous versions. See Considerations for Applying mApp Solutions .
  • When you apply the CSMe mApp Solutions, choose the Open a Blueprint so I can preview the changes option and publish the Blueprint prior to publishing the mApp Solution changes.
  • The HR Service Management and Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) mApp Solutions share the same Role Business Object.
  • The PPM mApp Solution publishes with no warnings or errors.
  • We recommend applying the CSMe mApp Solutions in the following order:
    1. HR Service Management
    2. Project and Portfolio Management
    3. Information Security Management System
    4. Facilities Management

HR Service Management, Information Security Management System, and Facilities Management mApp Solutions

Before the publish process begins, you will see the Blueprint Security Changes window with a warning message that shows security changes.

  1. Select OK to close the window.

    During the publish process you will see a pop-up window with a warning message about errors. This cancels the publish.

  2. Select Close to see the scan results.

    The scan results are warnings regarding changes to roles and security settings contained within the mApp Solution. This is an expected result.

  3. Select Ignore warnings and continue and then select OK to close the window.

    You will see a pop-up window with information that the scan was successful and no errors were found.

  4. Select OK.

    The changes from the mApp Solution will finish publishing to your system.