AWS mApp® Solution 1.0

Use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) mApp Solution to add AWS provisioning scenarios to your Portal service catalog.

Platform version requirements: Tested on CSM 10.1.0 — 10.2.0.

Content version requirements: Tested on CSM 10.1.0 — 10.2.0. This mApp Solution may or may not be compatible with content versions earlier than CSM 10.1.0, but as with all mApp Solutions, be sure to test it on your customized system.

Prerequisites: You must have an AWS account in which you have configured services. Additionally, your CSM instance must be on a publically accessible server, with an SSL certificate installed.

Available languages: English.

The AWS mApp Solution includes the following item for downloading:

  • AWS 1.0.mApp

After the file is downloaded, you can apply the mApp Solution using the Apply mApp wizard in CSM Administrator.


The AWS mApp Solution allows Portal users and licensed CSM users to provision an AWS product from your organization's AWS Service Catalog, such as an EC2 instance, LAMP Stack, RDS instance, or S3 bucket.

Portal users can make an AWS request by choosing Desktop Management > Computer > New CFT in the Service Catalog.

The Service Request form gathers requester information along with AWS-specific information like Account, Portfolio, and Region data. The customer then chooses an AWS product and fills out additional fields based on the product choice. Once the service request is approved, the AWS product is provisioned via the AWS API. A new Configuration Item (CI) is created for the provisioned product and added to the CMDB, and the service request is closed. When the instance is no longer needed, customers terminate the AWS product directly from the CI in CMDB.

Key Features

Use the AWS mApp Solution to:

  • Provision an AWS product directly from Cherwell (via the CSM Portal for customers or via the Desktop Client or Browser Client for users).
  • Automatically add provisioned AWS products directly to the Cherwell CMDB, including relevant details for each.
  • Terminate an AWS product directly from CSM.
  • Automatically create Incidents for existing AWS resources in the Cherwell CMDB if a CloudWatch Alarm goes into alarm state.

This mApp Solution includes multiple features, including direct access to select AWS products in a given portfolio and secure encryption for AWS access keys. This mApp Solution uses Action Blocks, webhooks, and direct calls to the AWS API so you don't need to download or synchronize your AWS Products into the service catalog.

Apply the mApp Solution

Follow these steps to download, apply, and configure the mApp Solution:

  1. Review the recommendations and considerations for applying mApp Solutions. For more information, see Considerations for Applying mApp Solutions.

    This mApp Solution is not intended to be applied over a previous AWS mApp Solution version. It is not an upgrade to the previous version.

  2. Extract the mApp Solution .zip file to a location that can be accessed by CSM.
  3. In CSM Administrator, use the Apply mApp Wizard to apply the mApp Solution. For more information, see Apply a mApp Solution. Select the topic that matches your version of CSM. Do not select Finish yet.
  4. Still in the Apply mApp Solution Wizard, when you reach the Final Options window, select Open a Blueprint so that I can preview the changes, and then select Finish.
  5. When the Blueprint opens, select File > Blueprint changes.
  6. Save the Blueprint.

Revision History

mApp Solution Version Platform Version Requirements Content Version Requirements Prerequisites
1.0 Tested on 10.1.0 — 10.2.0. Tested on 10.1.0 — 10.2.0. This mApp Solution may or may not be compatible with content versions earlier than 10.1.0, but as with all mApp Solutions, be sure to test it on your customized system. None