AWS Product Not Provisioned

If you have completed the request to provision form, but you do not see any items provisioned in your AWS account, follow these steps to troubleshoot.

Before you begin these steps, you should have worked through any issues in Cannot Complete AWS Provision Form and be able to successfully complete the form requesting the AWS product.

  1. Problem: No product provision in AWS Console

    Solution: If you log into the AWS Console and you cannot see at least an attempt to provision a product, there are two possibilities. Either your call was not made, or it failed. The ProvisionProduct API call is not actually made until after the request has been approved, so it is important to ensure that the approval process has successfully completed before moving on to other troubleshooting steps.

    To check that the call was made, open the CSM Desktop Client and navigate to the request, then:

    1. From your current record, select Tools > Current Record Automation Processes.
    2. There should be two Automation Processes that run against this request. The first, Incident Approval Process, should show as successfully completed. This indicates that the provision product request has been attempted.

      If you do not see anything in this tool:

      • Open Cherwell Server Manager and confirm that your Cherwell Service Host is turned on and pointed to the database connection on which you are currently making the request.
      • Confirm that the approval tied to your Service Request has been approved. Confirm that your Service Request has also been saved.

      If you confirm that your Incident Approval Process has a status of completed and shows Executed Approval actions for an AWS Request block, then you know that the ProvisionProduct API call was made and the failure may have occurred at that point. Proceed to the next steps.

    If you have confirmed that the API call has been made, you can turn on debugging for your Provision Product One-Step™ Action, located at (Incident) > Global > Integrations > AWS.

    1. To turn on One-Step Action debugging in the CSM Desktop Client or Browser Client, open the One-Step Action.
    2. Select the One-Step Action and select Parameters. Select the Debug parameter and enter a value of TRUE.
    3. Save the One-Step Action and try your request again. You should now see additional pop-up windows that indicate the response to your API call, similar to the one shown here: Debug Popup Showing an OK Response from an AWS API Call

    Once you have enabled debugging, you can try the One-Step Action again manually against your service request to see additional details.

  2. Problem: AWS user associated with stored account key does not have provisioning permissions

    It's also possible that your provisioning issue is related to the permissions that the user to whom your authentication key is tied does not have permission to provision the specific product you requested.

    Solution: To test that your AWS key has appropriate permissions to provision the product, try launching it directly from the AWS console.