Overwrite CAM External Data Mappings

Create a Blueprint, and then select the Supporting option under Show object types to overwrite the CAM external mappings.

See Map an Existing Business Object to External Data.

For all external mapping, pay particular attention to the field that holds the Unique ID. If the Unique ID is not set correctly, the imported data will not update correctly.

  • Select Yes when a dialog box displays the following message: "[Business Object] is already mapped to external data. Overwrite existing mapping?"
  • In the External Data Wizard, on the Fields to Map page, select Map all fields.
    • Select No when a dialog box displays the following message: "Should new fields be automatically created when no match is found?"


This example shows the External Data page of the Business Object Properties window for the CAM Drives Business Object.

External Mapping For CAM Mapp

After you finish overwriting all external mappings, scan and publish the Blueprint.