Change Management mApp® Solution Design Ideas

CSM provides an OOTB Change workflow with all the tools you need to successfully create and manage a Change. You can use this workflow as-is, or tailor it to meet the needs of your organization. Design ideas include:

  • Fields: Change which Fields are required and when, which Fields support Rich Text, etc.
  • View Counter: Incrementally track the number of times a record is viewed by a Customer or User in the Desktop Client, Browser Client, and Portal. View Counter functionality is configured in CSM Administrator.
  • Statuses: Modify Change statuses and/or the One-Step™ Actions that are initiated when a Change enters each status.
  • Form: Change the Form theme (background and text color), tab order, and size. Change the threshold and/or colors for priority.
  • Actions and One-Step Actions: Create Actions/One-Step Actions to automate your workflow (ex: Add another Approval process), or implement any of the unused sample One-Step Actions that are shipped with CSM (example: Create and send out a Change Review questionnaire).
  • E-mail: Change the templates that are used to create the e-mails sent by Automation Processes. Or, disable/change when and to whom notifications are sent (example: Notify Change owners by e-mail of any status updates).
  • Field Value Options: Use Table Management to add/edit Lookup Object values for use in drop-down Fields (ex: CAB Members).
  • Approvals: Modify the Approval process rules (example: The number or percentage of approvers needed to approve a Change).

    Detailed step-by-step instructions for the above is beyond the scope of this document.