Conduct a Remote Support Session Using the BeyondTrust Console

Conduct a remote support session from the BeyondTrust Console by logging in to the console.

The application can be opened directly from the technician's computer.

This functionality is only available if you have applied the BeyondTrust Remote Support mApp® Solution. For more information, refer to the mApp Solution Tech Notes documentation.

Using the BeyondTrust Representative Console, technicians can chat with Customers, remotely control a Customer's computer, and securely transfer files during a remote support session. For more information about the features of the BeyondTrust Representative Console and how to use it, refer to the BeyondTrust documentation.

To conduct a remote support session using the BeyondTrust console:


  1. In CSM, select Generate Session Key.

    A window opens with the session key and asks if you would like to send an email.

  2. In the CSM window, select Send an email and then select OK.

    An email message opens with the Incident number and a session link to begin a chat session.

  3. Select Send.

    An email Journal is generated.


  1. In the received email, select the link to populate a BeyondTrust download window.

After you download the BeyondTrust application, a Chat window opens so the technician can initiate a chat session.


  1. Type a message in the chat window.
  2. Select Send.

Select Share Screen to view the Customer's computer screen.

To end the remote support session:

  1. Select the End Session button in the BeyondTrust Representative Console. A window opens with the following options:
    • Close Session: Disconnects the Customer and ends the remote support session.
    • Hold Session: Closes the chat window, but keeps the session in the technician's queue so it can be transferred to another representative. The Customer receives a message in her chat window that the session has ended.

      Remote support sessions are typically ended by technicians (preferred method). Customers can also end remote support sessions by selecting the x that closes the chat window in their Browser. The Customer is disconnected and the technician receives a message in the chat window of the BeyondTrust Representative Console that the Customer has left the conversation.

After a session ends a Remote Support History appears under Journal. Once CSM and BeyondTrust sync, the banner of the Journal changes to orange signifying the Incident is linked with a BeyondTrust session. A link for a transcript of the chat window and a video of the screen sharing is available. For more information about the Journal entry, see Journal - Remote Support History Form.