Configure Approvals for Cisco CloudCenter™ Application Service Requests

Configure Approvals in the Default and Portal Default Views so that provisioning a requested CloudCenter application requires approval by the appropriate party.

Apply the Cisco CloudCenter™ mApp® Solution using the Apply mApp Solution wizard and publish the resulting Blueprint.

Complete the steps to Add Account Credentials to the CloudCenter™ Web Service.

  1. Open the Blueprint you created to perform configuration actions.
  2. From the Major Business Object tree, click Incident > Edit Approvals.
    The Edit Incident Approvals dialog opens.
  3. Click Add.
    The Edit Approval Block dialog opens.
  4. Verify that Trigger Conditions is selected, then click Advanced.
    The advanced options appear.
  5. In the name field, type Specifics Approval Client.
  6. Under the pre-populated Group Expression, add the following trigger conditions:
    • Incident.Approval Required equals True
    • Specifics.Approval Required equals True
    • Incident SubCategory.Approval Required equals True
  7. Select the group expression, then choose the option At least one of the items in the group must be true.
  8. Select Approvers.
    The Approvers options page appears.
  9. Follow the steps to add appropriate approvers for Cisco CloudCenter™ Application Service Requests. Refer to Define Approver Properties for details.
  10. Select Actions.
    The Actions options page appears.
  11. In the Action to take when approval: Approved section:
    • Uncheck the box for Executing the action completes the approval process
    • Check the box for Set a field and select Ready to Provision from the drop-down. Type True in the value field.
    • Check the box for Run a One-Step, then click the Ellipses button to open the One-Step Action Manager, and select Global > CloudCenter > Ready to Provision.
  12. Click OK, then repeat steps 2-11 for the Portal Default View, giving the Approval Block a different name, such as Specifics Approval Portal.
  13. Click OK in the Edit Incident Approvals dialog, then save and publish the Blueprint.