Create, Check Status, or Close an Incident from Slack

Use Slack to create an Incident, check the status, or close the Incident.

Before you make any changes to an Incident, review the following two Actions to ensure the Slack integration works on your system: Create Incident and Close Incident. These are Actions within the Slackbot One-Step™ Action.

  1. In the One-Step Action Manager, select (None) from the Association drop-down list, and then select the Global folder.
  2. Edit the Slackbot One-Step Action, and on the Designer Board, select the Create Incident Action.
  3. Select the Fields page and review the values set in the Incident fields to ensure they are valid for your database and consider if you have added any new fields to the Incident that are required for save. See step 6 on Define a Create a New Business Object Action.
  4. Follow the previous step for the Close Incident Action.

To create, close, or check the status of an Incident:

  1. From the CSM Desktop Client, add yourself as a new customer (Customer > Contact Manager).

    The Incident is created based on the user's first and last name, so they must match what is in Slack.

  2. From your Slack workspace, join your Slack bot channel and add your App.
  3. Use the following commands:
    1. @[App name] create incident
      Any information you type after the word incident will appear in the Description field.
      You should receive a response with the new Incident number, the description, and the priority number.
    2. @[App name] status of incident <Incident ID>
      You should receive a response with the Incident number, status, who it's assigned to, and the priority number.
    3. @[App name] close incident <Incident ID>
      You should receive a response that the Incident was successfully closed.