Define On Call Shifts

Use Table Management in the CSM Desktop Client to define On Call shifts.

This functionality is only available if you have applied the On Call mApp Solution. For more information, refer to the mApp Solution Tech Notes documentation.

To define On Call shifts:

  1. Open the Table Management interface.
  2. In the Type drop-down, select On Call Shifts.

    The On Call Shifts Grid opens.

  3. On the CSM Desktop Client toolbar, click the New button Create New Button with Arrow.

    A new On Call Shifts Form opens.

    On Call Shifts Form

  4. Complete the Form:
    1. Shift Name: Provide a name for the shift (example: Weekend – First).
    2. Start Time: Use the Up and Down arrows to select the time in which the shift begins.
    3. Shift Length (hrs): Specify the length (number of hours) of the shift.
    4. Calculated End Time: Autopopulates by adding the Shift Length to the Start Time.
  5. Click SaveSave Button.