CSM Desktop Client

The Desktop Client runs under Microsoft® Windows®, and provides all the features and default Business Objects/processes for users who need to respond to and act on requests.

Desktop Client features include:

  • Record Logging: Log and manage records (example: Incident, Problem, Change, Customer, CMDB, etc.).
  • Dashboardsand Widgets: Use dashboards to view critical metrics, analyze and predict trends, drill-down into data, execute Actions, or display information that might be relevant to a group of users or customers.
  • One-Step Actions: Run One-Step Actions to initiate one or more defined Actions, automating common or repetitive tasks.
  • Searching: Run Quick Searches or Saved Searches to efficiently and thoroughly search/filter your CSM data, locating one record or a set of records.
  • Customer: Use the Contact Manager to view and manage Customer records.
  • Reporting: Use a host of powerful reporting tools (defined Reports and report writing tools, Search Groups, Dashboards/Widgets, and Visualizations) to gather and measure data, analyze metrics, and predict trends.
  • Knowledge: Search for Knowledge from configured Knowledge Sources (example: Knowledge Articles, records, attachments, web, etc.).
  • Additional Features: Approvals, Attachments, Calendars, E-mail, Journals, Tasks, Queues, Settings, Visualization, etc.