CSM provides a variety of search options to help you search and filter your data.

CSM Browser Client provides a variety of search options, including:

  • Quick Search: This is a simple, single-use query that quickly displays search results according to the default sort order of relevancy ranking.
  • Saved Searches: Available Query Builders are Stored Query Builder, Quick Search Query Builder, and Custom Query Builder. There are many OOTB saved searches in the Search Manager to use and re-purpose to meet your needs.
  • Solution Search: CSM Browser Client provides a Solution Search from within a record.

CSM Desktop Client search options and tools include:

  1. Quick Search: Use the Quick Search Widget or Quick Search in the Task Pane to run a Quick Search. For more information, see Quick Search Widget and Quick Search in the Task Pane.
  2. Saved Search: Use the Search Manager to view saved searches created in the Query Builders. For more information, see Managing Saved Searches and Query Builders.
  3. Quick Search Query Builder: Use to create a Quick Search query that does not use relevancy ranking in the search results.
  4. Knowledge Pane: Use to search the configured Knowledge sources in your Knowledge Base.

At the heart of searching are queries, which define criteria for retrieving and displaying data. CSM provides default saved searches and Query Builders to help you create your own searches.