About Quick Search

Use the Quick Search widget or Quick Search in the Task Pane to run a simple, single-use query that quickly displays search results according to the default sort order of Relevancy ranking. This means the records most likely to be relevant to your search string display at the top of the results by default.

Quick Search behaviors include the following:

  • Some quick search areas may offer a choice to use All Words or Any Words logic.
  • Logical operators (AND/OR/NOT) used in the search (example: 103234 AND 283475) do not function as operators. If you need specific operator behavior, consider using thestored query builder to achieve it.
  • If a Business Object is not specified in the search, results display in a list according to their Relevancy ranking.
  • If a Business Object is specified in the search (example: Incidents), results display in either a list or a grid. The default sort order is by Relevancy ranking, but this can be modified in the Sort By drop-down list.