About Attachments

Attachments include any files that require a separate program to open, including documents, PDFs, pictures, and websites. For example, you might attach a Service Improvement Plan or Service Quality Plan to a record.

Attachments can either be imported into the CSM database (accessible from anywhere) or linked. In CSM, record attachments also include Business Objects, such as Knowledge Articles or Incidents.

There are three primary types of attachments in CSM:

  • System Attachments: Files associated with the system that can be referenced directly, used as knowledge, and used in emails.
  • Record Attachments: Attachments connected directly to a specific Business Object record (example: Incident) that can only be accessed when working with that specific record. Unlike other attachments, record attachments can include Business Object attachments (links to other Business Objects without a relationship).
  • Document Repositories: Customer accessible collections of documents designed to be accessed using the CSM Portal. Users can also access document repositories using the Document Repository Manager.

    System and record attachments are created, edited, deleted, or organized using the Attachment Manager.

Good to Know

  • Attachments that are imported into CSM are searchable within the database. The search returns results that match the text within .txt, .doc, and .xls files and returns any file type with a matching file name.
  • Attachments that are linked to CSM are not searchable and are only accessible to users who have the defined file path on their computer.
  • To open, remove, email, or view the properties of an attachment, right-click the attachment in the Attachment Bar, and select an action from the drop-down list.
  • Security rights control access to CSM functionality and are configured in the Security Group Manager in CSM Administrator (Security > Edit Security Groups). For more information, see Configuring Attachments.