ITIL 4 Dashboards mApp Solution 1.0

Use the ITIL 4 Dashboards mApp Solution to apply the ITIL 4 Dashboards to CSM.

Cherwell Version Requirements: 10.0.x

Out-of-the-Box Content Version Requirements: 10.0.0

Prerequisites: None

This mApp Solution is available in the following languages:

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese

This mApp Solution includes some new fields for Incident, Problem, and Change Business Objects. Some Widgets may not show data after the mApp Solution is applied because existing records do not include values for these new fields.


The ITIL 4 Dashboards mApp Solution enables your IT organization to apply Dashboards that use metrics aligned with the ITIL 4 principles to your CSM system .

The ITIL 4 Dashboards show metrics that focus on outcomes and value over tracking queues and human efficiency metrics. Users can understand how well they are co-creating value for their customers to be more ITIL focused. The four Dashboards included with this mApp Solution are:

  • Executive/Continuous Service Improvement (CSI) Manager Dashboard
  • Incident Manager Dashboard
  • Problem Manager Dashboard
  • Service Desk (1st-3rd Level Support) Technician Dashboard

How the mApp Solution Works

CSM provides ITIL 4 Dashboards as a mApp Solution so that users can easily incorporate the ITIL 4 Dashboards into their existing system. Download the mApp Solution from the Cherwell mApp Exchange. Use the Apply mApp wizard to apply the mApp Solution to your CSM system. The Apply mApp Solution wizard generates a Blueprint, which can then be viewed and published to a test or live system to commit the changes.

For a list of items included in the mApp Solution, see ITIL 4 Dashboards mApp Solution Items.

Apply the mApp Solution

To apply the mApp Solution, perform the following high-level steps:

  1. Review the recommendations and considerations for applying mApp Solutions. For more information, see Considerations for Applying mApp Solutions.
  2. Extract the mApp Solution .zip file to a location that can be accessed by CSM.
  3. In CSM Administrator, use the Apply mApp Wizard to apply the mApp Solution. For more information, see Apply a mApp Solution. Select the topic that matches your version of CSM.

Revision History

mApp Version Platform Version Requirements Out-of-the-Box Version Requirements Prerequisites
1.0 10.0.x 10.0.0 None